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ahusain, 64 pts
League # 62

KJABTECH , 62 pts
League # 62

MikeReed, 62 pts
League # 62

Jason Reed, 62 pts
League # 62

Irish Pride, 60 pts
League # 62

McGruff, 59 pts
League # 62

Michael Eisenbaum, 58 pts
League # 62

patrick munoz, 57 pts
League # 62

james quigg, 57 pts
League # 62

Mike Wallace, 56 pts
League # 62

Steven Bergman, 56 pts
League # 62

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  WEEK 13
It is too late to pick games for this week. Next week's spreads will be posted Thursday.
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I accidentally forgot to change the date of the Super Bowl weekend which caused quick picks for all playoff players. When you come in, feel free to keep the quickpick or change to the other team. Make sure to do the tiebreaker! Good luck!


Only solution with the tragic circumstances of the Monday night game is to force a quickpick. If the game is scheduled to be played next week, it will be included. It doesn't look like the game will be played, though, which is why the quick pick.


happy new year. obvious Bug with the Thursday game. the system keeps track of picks so anyone picking the game after deadline will get a quick pick in that spot so please resist temptation!


Welcome to the new season!


Winners are listed in the league messages...


Good luck! Down and dirty. Top 2 in each division and best 4 recordsafter that move on to playoffs with fresh slate. RAMS/49ers is the tiebreaker. Make sure to enter a tiebreaker.


Happy New Year! Getting closer to finish... 18 weeks of reg season for 2021-22. Top 2 in each division get automatic spot.... then remaining best 4 records. Good luck in final push.


"Sat" game is really the very early Sunday game. Good luck!


Welcome back to a new season!