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League # 59

Edwardo, 91 pts
League # 59

League # 59

MikeReed, 88 pts
League # 59

PeterB, 88 pts
League # 59

brettsternberg, 87 pts
League # 59

bonjo22, 87 pts
League # 59

jefff, 86 pts
League # 59

Irish Pride, 86 pts
League # 59

robertreed, 85 pts
League # 59

Mateo Munoz, 83 pts
League # 59

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  WEEK 22
It is too late to pick games for this week. Next week's spreads will be posted Thursday.
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Working through final accounting. Winners are listed in the league messages...


Good luck! Down and dirty. Top 2 in each division and best 4 recordsafter that move on to playoffs with fresh slate. RAMS/49ers is the tiebreaker. Make sure to enter a tiebreaker.


Happy New Year! Getting closer to finish... 18 weeks of reg season for 2021-22. Top 2 in each division get automatic spot.... then remaining best 4 records. Good luck in final push.


"Sat" game is really the very early Sunday game. Good luck!


Welcome back to a new season!


Top 2 in each division and the best remaining 4 records go to the playoffs with a reset record. Make sure to do your tiebreakers! A blank tie breaker entry is NOT counted. TIEBREAKER game is Cardinals @ RAMS. You do not have to pick this game, but MUST pick total points and longest TD. If you are within 8 points of 2nd place in each division, you better do your tiebreaker! Good luck!


Sorry for late spreads - Dallas game is a Tuesday game, but system isn't prepped for that... so listed as a Monday game. Good luck!


New season is upon us... a little bug in the system may have reset your leagues, and you might find that you are no longer in your assigned league(s). Please let me know if you have an issue at robertreed at gmail.


Ported over pickem to a new server - you can't submit picks yet -- need to update when I get into the office... should be ready by noonish Let me know if you spot any other issues.


Welcome to the 2019-20 season!


HappyThanksgiving! Spreads are up!


New spreads are up... check out my twitter @robertreed for updates when spreads are up... plan to do this through the year


Welcome to the 2018 Pickem Season! Pick 4 games against the spread every week... to the playoffs where the top teams start fresh for the pickem championship!


Carolina@ATLANTA is the tiebreaker... you must enter tiebreaker for tiebreaker consideration! Good luck! Top 2 from each division + 4 best record wild cards move on.


Merry Christmas... down and dirty. Next week, prepare for tiebreakers (will likely be Sunday night game, total points - 1st tiebreaker - and most yards, 2nd)...top 2 from each division move on plus the remaining FOUR best records. Tie breakers mean something if you are within 8 points of these numbers. Stay alert and good luck!


Happy Thanksgiving. We've had some recent issues with edited picks not recording. I have added a function to identify an error in such cases (I hope), but the problem isn't solved because I don't know what is causing it. So, even if your picks say "recorded," make sure the picks are reflected on the "picks" page, too, just in case. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for playing!


Can't do tonight's game because I need to fix some of the issues with the "blank user" and figure out who it is... spreads up tomorrow, Friday.


Happy New Year - sorry for delay with playoff stuff... internet problems still at home... spreads up now. Good luck! jefff wins season standings. Top 5 win the prizes.


Down and dirty! There will be top 3 in each division move on and the top 4 records after that as wild cards. So, if you are within 8 points of 3rd in your division (or within 8 points of the current third place holder in EVERY division), you should absolutely do the tiebreaker. Good luck! Happy New Year!




Happy New Year! Down and dirty! Make sure to fill in the tiebreakers or you don't get one... 0 tiebreakers only count if you enter them... not if you forget to do it


Welcome to 2015 Pickem!


I have no idea why the game wont close... i have locked the picks and will try to figure out after the game... sorry -- im thankful for a great group of guys who could have taken advantage of this glitch, but didn't... last pick was made before 3pm. Good luck


Final spreads up - make sure to enter tiebreaker where indicated if you are within 8 pts of third place in your division or could lose a top 3 spot! Good luck!


We are good to go. Welcome to another season of Pickem! Good luck!


Happy New year! Standings reset and playoffs are set -- check your standings to see if you made it. Good luck!


Down and dirty! You MUST choose a tiebreaker (tot points and longest TD in GB/ChI game) to be eligible -- someone who actually picks a tiebreaker will beat out anybody who forgets... you are potentially eligible if you are within 8 points of third place in each division. Top 3 from each division move on and the next 3 highest records, no matter the division. Good luck!


New leagues begin


Down and dirty! Happy New year! Do not forget to enter your tiebreakers!


Spreads are up, including tonight's game... good luck!


The system isn't equipped to handle Wednesday games, and I don't have time to modify it. Sorry... but games are ready for week 1. Good luck!


New season begins - for Rob's regular league, if you have not received an invite, please email me...


Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah. Funky weekend of games with most on Sat. If you missed deadline, email me at robertreed at gmail dot com before game time. Down and dirty. Top 3 in each division go on to playoffs after week 17, along with 4 wildcards (best remaining records from any division). $100 goes to best record. Good luck!


Happy Turkey Day. If you missed on today's picks, you can email me to get the later picks (make the pick before game each start). robertreed at gmail


Sorry for delay in getting spreads up - they are up now... when spreads go up, I'll tweet it... so if you use twitter, feel free to subsrcibe to @robertreed. Good luck!


Welcome to the 2011 season of PickEm. If you play in Rob's Pick Em each year and need a private league number and pass, email him at robertreed at gmail.


Down and dirty! You MUST do the tiebreaker (fill in the blanks) to predict total points and longest TD in the Seattle/St. Louis game. Top 3 in each division start fresh and pick playoff games... good luck!


Merry Christmas! Almost there with 8 picks to go... top 3 in each division make playoffs... top record among all divisions wins $100... good luck in the final push!


Spreads are up at 8:30am... good luck as we head into the final 12 picks... top 3 in each division go on to the playoffs and start fresh at 0 points.


930pm - Sorry! Spreads going up in next ten mins... if you see this after picking closed Sunday, email me your picks... any picks, however, must be made before the game time you select.


Three college games, including Usc-UCLA is up... good luck and have a great weekend!


Happy Turkey Day - if you missed the morning game (because I qam getting this up late - I'll give you til 10am to pick it)... if you missed afternoon game, email me at robertreed at gmail dot com by game time to pick.

I made a mistake with the NY Giant game... it should be Giants -7... many of you have chosen this game, so I'll let it stay. But if the Giants lose, don't cry to me. If they win and you choose it and you make it into the money, remember to tip your dealer.


Sorry for delay - forgot about spreads! They are up as of 7:30p Fri


Spreads up at 4:0pm - good luck!


Spreads up... good luck!


Spreads up at 3:30p - good luck!


Welcome to the 2010 season! Spreads are up! Good luck this season! If you are in Rob's Pickem League (or have been in past years) and need the league number and password, call (818) 783-7998.


Bernard eeks out the best record and gets $100 back by guessing a lower total point than Vick's Pit Bulls (longest TD was 40 yds). First time this has been decided by the second tiebreaker. Ken Deck eeks out the last wildcard spot. And, I picked the perfect time to go 0-4. Good luck to those in the playoffs!


Happy New Year! Spreads are up as of 2:45pm. Those whose names are not crossed off in the standings are eligible for the playoffs. Top 3 teams in each division move on... two wildcards move on who have the best remaining records. If you don't write in your tiebreaker info where indicated, you get 0 for each.


Merry Christmas... spreads are up with tonight's game available. Good luck in the last two weeks... top record at end of season gets $100... top 3 in each division move on with TWO wildcards added into the mix (the two highest records among all players after the top 3 in each division have been determined. Playoff teams start fresh at 0 points. 8 GAMES TO GO!


Happy Thanksgiving! If you would like to pick one of the games that haven't been played yet and the deadline has expired, email me the pick and i'll make it for you...


Spreads are up with one college game tomorrow... good luck!


Spreads up with two college games this weekend... good luck!


Spreads are up at 1:50pm... first college game in pickem is up -- Florida @ LSU... if you want to know when the spreads are up and you have twitter, subscribe to @robertreed!


Spreads up -- who is signed up as private league 39? please contact me asap at robertreed[at]gmail dot com


Spreads are up for week 2 -- good luck! We have two open spots... have a friend who wants to play? Email me ASAP!


Spreads are up for week 1... if you here for my personal league and don't know the league name and pass, email me at robertreed[at]gmail dot com.


Down and dirty! Good luck to all who can make the top 5 in the playoffs... Make sure to enter your tiebreakers... we go with total points, longest TD, and then best regular season record. If you would like to know what the leader picks, so you can pick the opposite, may I suggest calling the Psychic Friends' Network?


There was a mistake with samarisanz' picks.. they recorded in my master file (which I use as a backup), but didn't record on the server for some reason. Only one change... he had Baltimore instead of Tennessee.


FYI, I'm going with ARIZONA and Indy today... posted at 1:30pm


Happy New Year! The Rose Bowl game is up, as are the four NFL games. You must pick 4 of the 5. Good luck!


Spreads are up at 11:45am. The tiebreaker game is Denver @ SAN DIEGO (last game of the day). SOme have emailed me about having problems logging in. If this is still a problem, email me at robertreed[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you are in red, you have guaranteed a spot (but nobody has clinched the best record prize yet, so make sure to still do the tiebreakers). If you have not been crossed out, you are still mathematically in the running. If you are crossed out, see ya next year! Good luck!

Failure to enter a tiebreaker gives you 0 for both.


Happy Holidays... spreads up tomorrow with tiebreakers that you must enter if you are not crossed out. Even those in red (indicating who is in the playoffs) must enter tiebreaker to determine who is overall winner, if necessary. Overall winner gets $100. Good luck to all in this last week before playoffs.


Spreads for Week 16 are up... only 8 picks to go to determine the playoff finalists (top 3 in each division). Good luck!


Spreads are up... only 12 games to go! Top 3 in each division move on to the playoffs with a fresh 0-0-0 record as playoff picking begins. A tiebreaker of picking a total score of a game the commish selects and a second tiebreaker of predicting the longest TD of that game occurs in Week 17, if necessary. Good luck!


The "Happy Bday, Dr. Wallace" version of pickem... good college games with big spreads this weekend. We're in the final stretch... good luck!


Spreadsare upfor Turkey day as of last night... if you would like to play a game later in the afternoon, email me your pick at robertreed@gmail.com before the game time.


Spreads are up with tonight's game...


New spreads up -- sorry didn't realize a game last night. In Rob's league, Patrick Munoz and Megavega are out.


Happy Halloween... spreads up a day late... sorry about that!


Week 8 spreads are up with 4 college games including the Penn St/OH ST game... good luck!


Spreads for week 7 up... sorry late... I've been Mr. Mom the last few days and the toddler has got the stomach flu... good luck!


Spreads for Week 6 are up... three good college games up this week... good luck!


Week 5 spreads are up at 12:25pm... good luck!


Week 3 spreads are up... good luck!


Week 2 spreads are up with three college games... good luck!


Game spreads are up... deadline to pick tonight's game (you do not have to include it in your four picks, but if you do...) is 4:05pm PST. Good luck!


Sorry I didn't get this up earlier, but we are ready to go... spreads will be up Thursday by around noon (first game is Thurs night).


Spreads are up for the NFC/AFC Championships... good luck... final 3 games...


Spreads for Playoff Week 2 are up... congrats to the 4-0s, and good luck!


Happy New Year! Spreads are up for the four NFL playoff games and the college Natl Championship... good luck to those in the playoffs!


Spreads are up... tiebreaker and who is eligible for the playoffs is detailed when you login


New spreads up with a game tonight and two games on Saturday (one college game). Good luck in the final stretch!


Spreads are up -- there is a game tonight and Saturday, FYI. Good luck! Only 12 games (and 24 points max) to go before the playoffs. Your goal is to make the top 3 in your division.


Spreads are up a day early for tonight's game... good luck! Remember that the top 3 in each division at the end of the regular season start fresh and go to the pickem playoffs!


Happy Thanksgiving! Game-a-palooza week... lots to choose from with a few very high spreads to consider... good luck! Spreads up at 1:30am.


New spreads up... FYI: For the Thanksgiving week, the spreads will be posted on Wednesday night so that you can pick the Thanksgiving games...


Spreads are up at 1:04pm... three college games with a 9:05am, Sat deadline. Good luck!


New spreads are up with three college games -- good luck!


Sorry for the delay with the spreads -- they are up now... hope everyone is safe and sound from the fires. Short pro schedule (12 games) with 3 college games. FYI: I screwed up the week one games (I need to re-enter the schedule), so if you are looking at your score summaries and Week 1 looks screwy, this is why -- should be corrected by the weekend. The standings are still accurate on the main page of your league.


New spreads are up... no spread for the UCLA game, or I would have put that up... good luck!


Ooops. I made a mistake on the Oklahoma game... Missouri won with the spread, so this has now been corrected. Spreads up tomorrow...


New spreads up with two college games thanks to Alan "Killer Lock" Klein...


Spreads are up for Week 5... four college games on the schedule this week with some BIG spreads. Good luck!


New spreads are up for Week 4. Thanks to Alan "Killer Lock" K for the latest college picks. Take note that one of the games is for tomorrow night. Good luck!


New spreads are up with two big college games this Sat... good luck!


Spreads are up with two college games this weekend... Good luck!


Okay, folks. We're cooking with gas now. Spreads are up and ready for picking. Good luck this season! -Rob, Commish


SuperBowl spread is up... if you are within the top 5 finalists, make sure to complete the tie breaker. Failure to enter a tiebreaker means you are predicting 0 total points scored by both teams and 0 yards as the longest TD.

I have gone with Indy -7.5 rather than 7 (the current spread) for the same reasons previous, and because the original spread two weeks ago was Indy -8.5. Good luck!

Those at 8 points and above must do the tiebreaker, otherwise, you're out of it.


So as to increase the adrenaline rush for those in contention, I set the spreads so that they are at 1/2 points rather than whole points to guarantee a winner and no tie in each game. FYI: the stated spread (which we are not using) for each of the championship games as of now is 3 points. Plan your picks accordingly.


Congrats to the folks in the playoffs. Spreads are now up. All FOUR games must be picked (or you can leave a game blank and the system will quickpick it for you). If you are not in the playoffs, you can still pick the games, but they will not be recorded in your total points.

Top 5 are the only ones who get money. Everyone in the playoffs starts with a fresh slate, so you are all on equal footing. Good luck!

By the way, if you haven't heard, our adoption has gone through and Marie and I will be the proud parents of a baby boy this Monday. So, if you smell a dirty diaper when making your picks, now you know where it might be coming from.


I think I fixed the year changeover bug. Thanks to all for not changing picks. The top 3 in each division have been decided. It was down to the wire in Division D. Good luck to the folks in the playoffs, and congrats to Richard for best record in the regular season.


Happy New Year! 4 games to go. Everyone should enter their tiebreaker predictions in the boxes provided (no entry = 0 for both tiebreakers). The tiebreaker game this year is the Rose Bowl.

Those with red asterisks next to their name have assured themselves a playoff spot. Good luck!


8 games to go, ladies and gentlemen. Good luck in the final 2 weeks and Happy Holidays! One game tonight. One game Saturday. TWO games on Christmas.


Standings are updated and spreads are up... there is a game tonight and a game Saturday, FYI.


Spreads are up. I made a mistake with the Indy game, with Houston, insted of Indy. It is fixed now. 5:09pm.


Spread tonight is Ravens +3... Cincy -3... if you want this game, email me before the deadline at rob@rrbbs.com.


Happy Thanksgiving! Spreads are up as of 11/22/06, 5:40pm. Three games tomorrow. One college game (Notre Dame @ USC). Good luck!


Biggest week of the year in terms of games. 19 games to choose from this weekend, including four college games.

REMEMBER: Thanksgiving games will be posted by Thursday morning, before the games. I will try and get it up by Wednesday night. If, for some reason, spreads are not up... look it up in your local paper, and email me your picks (if any) for Turkey Day.


Week 9 spreads up as of 9:38pm, with two college games this week... good luck!


Standings updated as of 12:25pm...


Spreads are up as of 10:15am. Three college games this week. Good luck!


Spreads are up at 10:55am. Sorry for the delay. No college games again this weekend, but some really strange "college-like" spreads in the NFL... Indy -18.5? Interesting. Good luck!


Spreads are up as of 6:20pm. Three college games in the mix, chosen for either their local flavor or the competitiveness factor. Need money from money league folks. Check the "COMMISH" message after you login!


Standings updated at 10:05am; nice job to the 4-0's this week!


New spreads are up as of 10:50am.

College game of the week is Michigan @ NOTRE DAME. Deadline to pick that game is 12:30pm, Saturday.

Now that the bug has been squashed, expect results to be up MUCH sooner (like Sunday night). Good luck!


Found it. Sometimes, in programming, I have noticed that these things take on a life of their own. I have no idea why this worked without problem last year, and then all of the sudden, I had to change the way that the system handles the week number. Anyway, all is well now, and the standings are updated. New spreads tomorrow at about noon.


In the immortal words of Steve Irwin, "Crikey!" I can't find the quickpick bug. I will be working on it some today... will report when I get it fixed.


I just noticed that there is something wrong with the quickpick functgion. Unfortunately, I have tried to fix it, but I have to go out for the day (Disneyland). So, for those of you with blanks in your boxes, don't worry. The quyickpick will appear later tonight... also, pfmunoz's picks will change. This will be a quickpick and the name will change to Scott Dunmire. pfmunoz was reporting picks for cam wallace yesterday, so those picks are cam's. Thanks for being patient while I get the bugs out. Now, off to Disneyland.


Spreads are up as of 12:25pm, PST.

For those in Rob's private league (or who played last year and who I forgot to contact), if you would like in, email Rob at rob@rrbbs.com.

Good luck this season!Two Monday night games, and I added the Oh State at TEXAS college game this week (deadline to pick that game is Saturday, just before game time).


If you are familiar with this website, you will notice some cosmetic changes. I am currently working on the look and feel of the site, as well as some of the inner workings of the site.

Welcome to Baseballgeeks podcast listeners.

You can sign-up individually for $5 for the year, and we will randomly place you into a Pickem league, or you can get ten or more of your closest friends (up to 100 per league) for a flat $50 fee for the entire league for the entire season (including playoffs).


Results are up... Hope you had as much fun as I did this year... thanks for playing. I need the addresses of the winners, so email me at the address provided on the main page (after you login). If you are a fantasy baseball person, check out my baseball sites baseballgeeks.com and playertrack.com (I do a weekly podcast at baseballgeeks that you can download or stream from the baseballgeeks web site)... seeya next year!


Welcome to PickemFootball.com! The basic premise of the game is to pick four professional games straight up or against a point spread every week, competing against your friends, your family, your co-workers, whomever. Each player receives 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The top players in a league at the end of the regular season start with a fresh 0 points and compete by picking all of the playoff games. The person with the highest points remaining at the end of the season is declared the league winner.

This is not a gambling site or a betting site. In fact, this game was created by a few guys who were tired of losing money on Vegas football parlays. For parlay losers like us, football is about heart and pride, baby! Still, if you are looking for a sportsbook, there are tons to choose from just by doing an internet search.

For a non-refundable fee of $5 per player per league per season (just under 30 cents a week, not counting the playoffs, if you make it), our site will provide your group with the scoring, the standings, and the rules of the game. Whether the winner gets a t-shirt, a trophy, a bronzed cleat, etc. is up to you and your league mates.

You may join or create as many leagues as you wish. The minimum number of players per league is two. We recommend selecting one person as the Commisioner (usually the person who creates the league), who will be responsible for setting the spreads. You can choose to use our own PickemFootball spreads (which are updated every Thursday morning by NOON Pacific Time), or you can create your own. You may make your league private by designating a league password, or you may make your league "public," allowing anyone to join.

Game selection begins every Thursday afternoon, and the deadline to pick games is the first game time on Sunday. The only exception is if there are Thursday and/or Saturday games, the deadline to choose those games is the first game time.