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james quigg, 20 pts
League # 61

Steven Bergman, 20 pts
League # 61

barrydonner, 18 pts
League # 61

RJCBona, 18 pts
League # 61

Mike Wallace, 16 pts
League # 61

Josh Raymer, 16 pts
League # 61

msquare, 16 pts
League # 61

Steve Barry, 14 pts
League # 61

Super Hero Squad, 14 pts
League # 61

Jason Reed, 14 pts
League # 61

kidneydoc, 12 pts
League # 61

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  WEEK 03
It is too late to pick the Thursday game(s).
It is too late to pick games for this week. Next week's spreads will be posted Thursday.
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Welcome to the new season!


Winners are listed in the league messages...


Good luck! Down and dirty. Top 2 in each division and best 4 recordsafter that move on to playoffs with fresh slate. RAMS/49ers is the tiebreaker. Make sure to enter a tiebreaker.


Happy New Year! Getting closer to finish... 18 weeks of reg season for 2021-22. Top 2 in each division get automatic spot.... then remaining best 4 records. Good luck in final push.


"Sat" game is really the very early Sunday game. Good luck!


Welcome back to a new season!


Top 2 in each division and the best remaining 4 records go to the playoffs with a reset record. Make sure to do your tiebreakers! A blank tie breaker entry is NOT counted. TIEBREAKER game is Cardinals @ RAMS. You do not have to pick this game, but MUST pick total points and longest TD. If you are within 8 points of 2nd place in each division, you better do your tiebreaker! Good luck!


Sorry for late spreads - Dallas game is a Tuesday game, but system isn't prepped for that... so listed as a Monday game. Good luck!


New season is upon us... a little bug in the system may have reset your leagues, and you might find that you are no longer in your assigned league(s). Please let me know if you have an issue at robertreed at gmail.